Shocking photos of Teresiah Wanjiru,woman who was arrested with Ksh 13 million in her house,she had a store of bangi in the house


Teresiah Wanjiru is the woman who was arrested in Ngara.The 54-year-old woman was found with Ksh 13.4 million in cash, money which was stored in her house. Detectives stormed her house early morning and found several sacks of money and bhang.

A statement from DCI read:

“A consignment of cannabis sativa and Sh13.4 Million in cash have been recovered today, following an intelligence led operation conducted by sleuths from the Anti-Narcotics Unit and Trans National Organised Crime Unit.

The detectives who were backed up by a contingent of officers from the Anti Terror Police Unit based at Parklands also managed to arrest four suspects found at the scene in the sprawling slums of Kariua, in Nairobi’s Ngara neighborhood.

A detailed search led to the recovery of two gunny bags where the millions of shillings had been stashed, 26 bags of cannabis, 4 cartons of rolling materials, 173 packaged sweets and a carton of suspected weed cookies.

The suspects, 54-year-old Teresia Wanjiru and three juveniles aged between 16 and 17 were escorted to custody for further questioning pending arraignment in court tomorrow”

It seems the woman was set up by one of her closest friends, resulting to the arrest.