Why Tiktok will not be banned in Kenya


Kenyans are worried that the government intends to ban Tiktok in Kenya. While that may happen, chances of being banned are slim.Tiktok is attracting the attention of new generation, we call them generation Z.Unlike Facebook,Tiktok allows users to share content which is not Censored. Girls can expose their bodies half naked and Tiktok doesn’t ban them.

One reason why the government cannot ban Tiktok is that there are many alternatives, like porn sites. People go live in those sites and get paid.

Another reason for not banning Tiktok is because it portrays the advancement of technology.Tiktok is for the moment. Even if it’s banned, another App similar to it will emerge.It’s pointless to ban Tiktok when several others will emerge.

Tiktok generates income for the country and it’s the government that earns when money is generated through the App.

It’s creating employment. There are thousands of Kenyans earning through Tiktok.They get gifts and earn through advertisements. If it’s banned, where will all these youths go?!

Instead of banning Tiktok,the government will ensure that content displayed on it is censored.