Why Mtumishi hates his mother and he won’t attend her funeral


Comedian Mtumishi has revealed that he doesn’t like his mother,claiming that she was behaving like a witch.The comedian,who featured severally in the Churchill Show,revealed that his mother bewitched the father,she also wanted his marriage to end.

“Nachukia mama yangu mzazi sana. Hata akikufa siwezi kusikia uchungu.Nikiwa mdogo alikuwa ananituma dawa za waganga anawekea baba yangu.Alitaka kuniharibia pia ndoa yangu”,Comedian Mtumishi says

The comedian currently lives a separate life, he doesn’t interact with the mother.He moved out of their home 7 years ago and he has never been back.

Mtumishi shocked Kenyans when he further revealed that the mother visited witch doctors to ensure that his marriage is over. When it became unsuccessful, she tried to kill him. He had to go into hiding and eventually settle far away from the mother.The two are not in good terms and the comedian has vowed not to help her even if she is in serious problems.