10 Ways on how to save money in Kenya 2024


There are 10 ways on how to save your money in Kenya this year 2024.Without saving,you may not make meaningful progress in life.

Here is how to save:

1. Have a target of how much you want to save daily, weekly or monthly,. Write it down.

2. Identify where you are going to save …it could be a safe, Bank a/c, Sacco, Money Market Fund, Mshwari, Insurance Policy etc.

3. Identify 2 people who share similar interests in saving, you will keep each other in check and encourage each other.

4. Join a chama if possible and contribute religiously.

5. Have monthly budgets and stick by them… avoid impulse buying and numerous debts.

6. Cut back on bad habits such as alcohol, drugs, paid hookups and gambling.

7. Cut back on numerous baby showers, weddings and birthday parties.

8. Avoid online get rich quick SCAMS.

9. Increase your income by getting a side hustle, improving your Business or advancing in your career.

10. Buy assets, not liabilities.