What Killed Grand Mullah Kaizer


Grand Mullah Kaizer is dead. The Kisii blogger died at St. Francis hospital Kasarani while undergoing a minor surgery.The blogger has been suffering since 2025.If you are wondering what killed him, below is the real reason:

Grand mullah kaizer course of death was perioperative pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents. The appendix was removed way back in 2015, so he had some recurring complication that needed to be corrected so he could pass stool normally. This had accumulated kwa tumbo and they had been trying to drain it unsuccessfully. The outlet pipe, especially through the mouth is very uncomfortable. When they suggested surgery yesterday, we had hoped for the best. But when the time came and they laid him flat on the OP table, the gastric contents in his tummy, moved up to the lungs and other critical organs causing some cardiac arrest and loss of breathing capability.

Grand Mullah was a social person who was loved by many Kenyans.Before his death, he was operating a business in Kisii town while creating content online.

We send condolences to the bereaved family and loved ones.