Why you should sympathize with Ruto and give him more time to deliver—By Cherotich Kiki


State House employee Cherotich Kiki has written an article asking Kenyans to sympathise with President Ruto.Below is the article:

1. I saw a letter from the Council of Governors today demanding a Revenue Share of Ksh 450 billion , and Equalization of Ksh 10 billion .

2. I again saw an article by the Star talking of Companies demanding Ksh 550 million for maize subsidies that Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga compained with in 2022. ODM sycophants talking about Uhuru’s subsidies which have been pushed to Ruto to pay for.

3. I saw MPs threaten the CS for Finance for failing to release CDF in time. The CS managed to release Ksh 10 billion which some Azimio MPs are currently cat walking with in the name of bursaries.

4. I’ve noted the many interests on loans and loans falling due which Ruto must repay in time , or else the Daily Nation will scream ‘ Broke Government ‘.

5. I’ve noted that the Courts slammed its breaks on the Third Generation ID issuance since November last year and so people cannot get new IDs. Daily Nation calls it a Broken system without pointing a finger at the Judiciary.

6. For running to the IMF and the World Bank as a last resort – no one is willing to carry the heavy burden of loans – Ruto has been forced to implement very stringent tax policies. He takes the blame , but no one is ready with solutions.

7. The President has been literally forced to hop-step and jump from one country to another to look for trade opportunities , jobs and bilateral engagements without any luxury. Sometimes he travels by night and returns by day , to a country and a people who mock and abuse him for his very efforts .

Governors and MPs run to the Government to get their share of Revenue, but take to podiums to castigate the same tax policies generating the same revenue they collect from the Government.

Even the Opposition is salivating for the Office of the Leader of the Opposition that is fully funded through the same taxes they organize rallies and protests to frustrate.

If president Ruto was not strong , he’d abdicate but again nothing is insurmountable