“Mimi ndio nilileta Corona, Msinijaribu”,Prophet Owuor warns Kenyans


The Might Prophet of God Owuor has warned Kenyans that if they won’t repent, he will bring another disease like Corona. Speaking in Nakuru,the prophet claimed that he is the one who brought corona in 2019 that claimed lives of millions of people.

The Prophet said he was angry of the people for not repenting, arguing that God wanted to punish them.

“Kenya msinijaribu,nitawaharibu vile nimeharibu Haiti.Ni mimi nilileta Corona”,The prophet spoke in Nakuru.

He called upon the people of Nakuru to kneel down and repent. During the one week event, Owuor healed the sick and made the crippled walk again.

Prophet Owuor is among the most controversial preachers in Kenya. While he is a billionaire, most of his followers are poor.When in Nakuru,he sleeps in Merika Hotel while followers sleep on open fields.

Owuor’s church has more than 500,000 followers in Kenya. His net worth is estimated at over Ksh 2 billion. He walks in a convoy of cars.