Foods to eat and foods to avoid if you want to live a healthy lifestyle up to 100 years


Nana Kilemi, one of the cancer survivors has useful information about the food to eat and the food to avoid if you want to live a good life.Below are the 13 best types of foods to eat for a healthy body:

1. Water should be the first thing to enter your mouth every morning

2. Avocado is good for your heart. Eat them proper. Don’t belittle Avocado. 1kg Avocado oil costs Kshs. 2500

3 . Coconut is good for energy and coconut oil is healthy . Ignorant people still believe that Coconut is food for coast people only.

4. Cucumber is good for the skin. The size doesn’t matter but NEVER eat Cucumber in your female friends’ house

5. Turmeric is good for your health .Turmeric has blood sugar lowering properties .Curcumin an active compound in turmeric is vital in diabetes care and reversal.

6.Cabbage is good for your gut. The problem with modern cabbage is too much use of pesticides and herbicides. If you have safe cabbages , it’s advisable to make sauerkraut . If you are the people who couldn’t see a specimen using a microscope, don’t try making sauerkraut.

7 . Carrot is good for eyes. Eat carrot at your home only. Don’t eat Nairobi carrots

8 . Money is good for the soul. Look for money using lawful means

8. Reading is good for the brains. Read a book . Read an article. Read a journal.

9. Okra is good for diabetes , HBP patients and other okra manenos

10. Eating wheat products and still expecting to lower your blood pressure or deal with diabetes is like expecting Liverpool to beat Arsenal in 2024

11. Using sugar and still expecting to lose weight and lower your blood pressure is another very informative idea from shakahola

12. Always remember that you can sweat out salt but you can’t sweat out Sugar. Use your kongosity well

13. Bonus .Peace of mind is very important for your mental health. Be around positive energy.Avoid online saddists and idiots. Don’t engage in stupid arguments online .