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Photos of Sheila Wangesha, Ohangla Dancer who was killed by the husband. Reason why she was killed


Sheila Wangesha has been killed by her husband Jack Bamboo. Sheila is dancer of Ohangla songs,a career she started 5 years ago. Bamboo married her knowing very well she interacts with men.

Sheila was seeing 5 men at a time until her husband discovered. In 2020 they separated after a heated argument over infidelity. Bamboo had seen intimate messages in Sheila’s phone, which angered him. Sheila parked her items and moved out after they failed to find a common ground.

After few months, the two solved their differences. But yesterday, things got worse. Bamboo got several hidden messages in Wangesha’s phone. He couldn’t control his anger, he took a knife and stabbed her several times before hitting her with a blunt object. Sheila didn’t breathe again, she spiraled towards the ground rested.

Sheila is known as an outgoing person, jovial and lovely while Bamboo is a quiet one without many words. It’s a couple admired by many Kenyans.

Jack Bamboo is the owner of JB Liquor which is popular among Kenyans.He has enough money.But a single incident has sent her to jail—he has been arrested.

Here are the photos of the slain Ohangla dancer.