Why men love women with big Nyash


African men love women with big nyash, they can do anything to ensure that they win a woman with big nyash. But what re the reasons for this.?!!

They wet faster

Women with big nyash have a lot of fats and water which make them wet faster. You touch them like this and they become wet instantly. That is what motivates men more. The water inside their private parts makes the game even more enjoyable.

They moan a lot

A woman with big nyash moans alot, they don’t hide sweetness. You will touch her once and hear her moan, touching you hard and begging you to put inside—this makes your penis even harder. You don’t have to touch her for several minutes to make her wet—just few seconds touch and she is ready for anything.

They are good hearted

Women with big nyash have good heart, they don’t get angry easily. Even if your behavior is irritating, they are patient and ready to be with you.

Their private parts are fat, thick and warm

Their private parts are full of warmth, they are thick and full. Immediately you enter, you feel it.The meaty area plus warmth makes a man enjoy sex more. Skinny women are not as warm as fat women.

Most of them squirt

Most fat women squirt because they have a lot of water in their body and around their vagina. Men love women who squirt.

Men erect faster when they see the thighs of women with big nyash

Women with big nyash have thick thighs. When she is removing the clothes, a man get motivated and starts to imagine things, hence erecting faster. He will not have to wait long before starting intimacy.

She can get satisfied even by fingering

Women with big nyash can get satisfied with fingering. They get tired easily —their game is short and sweet.

They look attractive and sweet

Women with big nyash are always attractive. You look at her walking and feel like she should be yours.

Even when she is wearing clothes, men love the cleavages.

They make men cum easily

A man can cum within a second of sleeping with a woman with big nyash.They say the sweetness is heavenly.