Shocking! Photo!Eldoret Residents Bring Down Wheelbarrow erected by Ruto in 2022


Eldoret Residents have shocked Kenyans after bringing down a wheelbarrow that was erected at the heart of the city by President William Ruto.The wheelbarrow was brought down by angry residents who chanted,”yote yawezekana bila Ruto”.They were demonstrating against the government’s sponsored Finance Bill.

The wheelbarrow was a symbol of UDA party which symbolized humility and hard work. The president had promised to work towards uplifting the livelihood of hustlers. Two years down the line,residents have yet to see his work.Due to impatience, they have gone to the streets to express their frustrations.

Today, demonstrations are happening across the country and for the first time,they are not led by politicians. It’s not what the government had anticipated.

President Ruto has confirmed that his hands are clean, claiming that it’s the work of parliament to either accept or reject the bill. In the bill, Kenyans are against the motor vehicle circulation tax, the tax on sanitary towels and many other taxes imposed on Kenyans.

The demonstrations are led by Generation Z who are jobless and frustrated.


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