Millient Omanga’s Ksh 40 million Range Rover that shocked Kenyans


Millicent Omanga is one of the richest female politicians in Kenya. Before joining politics, she was selling bedsheets. When Ferdinand Waititu was contesting for Governor seat in Nairobi, he nominated her to be the Deputy but they failed to clinch the seat.

Omanga now drives a brand new Range Rover worth Ksh 40 million.She flaunted the car in her own compound.

For those wondering how Millicent Omanga was able to buy a Ksh. 40 million Range Rover, this is how:

1. She owns the kettle House club in Kilimani and Eldoret.

2. Milways construction company.

3. A gated community with 6 apartments in Eldoret that generates around 3 million a month.

4. Hubby is a doctor (Irrelevant).

5. Biggest supplier to correctional facilities-prisons.

6. Owns a couple of high end liquor stores in posh estates.

7. She recently acquired all house of leather stores.

8. The three tallest buildings in Kisii town is owned by the father who’s old money.

9. Sells interior deco & she’s the one doing Statehouse interior deco.(250m budget)

10. Owns a chain of whiskey hub in posh estates.

11. She is now C.A.S with a mortgage & car grant that can stretch upto 35m.

Millicent is a close ally of President William Ruto.It’s alleged that she won a tender of Ksh 1 billion to supply items to the government.


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