There has been backlash and political bickering from opposition over the performance of Uhuru’s government. But according to observers, Jubilee government has done wonders for Kenyans.

One anonymous Kenyan has written 5 reasons why Uhuru and Ruto should be given 5 more years.

The Uhuru supporter believes the president’s achievements should propel him into State House once again.Here are the reasons why Kenyans should elect him:

  1. 50 years since independence, Kenya had 1 major referral hospital, under Jubilee now there are 95.
  2. Roads were being constructed at a rate of less than 1000km per year, Jubilee is doing 10 fold that figure in a year.
  3. Kenyans who had access to electricity represented less than 30% of the total population, by 2017 virtually every village in this great republic will have been connected to the national grid.
  4. Before Jubilee, accessing government services was a nightmare, now you just need to walk to the nearest Huduma Center and get world class service.
  5. A few years back, starting a business seemed impossible, you can now register your company in 3 days and kick start your entrepreneurial dream.

So, while there are a few challenges, the achievements are too many to ignore. And unless you can prove otherwise, it’s #UhuruTena