Shock as Uganda Government Official is Buried with $100,000 To Bribe God in Heaven(photos)



Charles Obong,a Ugandan government official, who died last week was buried with a whopping $100,000 so as he can use the money to bribe God.

The millionaire had saved a total of $100,000 and instructed his family to bury him with the money so that he can use a short cut to heaven.In his wish,he wrote:

“I know entering heaven is like entering through the hole of a needle, but with this cash, God will definitely allow me join the likes of Moses in Heaven. I therefore command you to bury me with this money when I die”.

Obong worked as a senior personnel officer in the ministry of Public Service from 2006 to 2016, reportedly wanted to use the cash to redeem his soul before God.But will God accept his bribe?