SHOCKING!This is Why Uhuru Was Forced to Abandon his Los Angeles Tour



Yesterday, Social media was full of speculations as to what happened to Uhuru on his way to Los Angeles.Many argued that he abandoned the journey because of the volatile situation in Yemen ,but the truth has been revealed.

Apparently, Uhuru was to stay in USA for at least three days,the main agenda was to meet Kenyans living in America but it has emerged that no one invited him there.Sources indicate that the tour aborted because of poor planning and coordination at state house and Uhuru was not aware.

There is a lot of panic at state house because it seems the advisers are not doing enough to save Uhuru’s reputation.In the recent past,one being the issue of police recruitment,Uhuru has been making orders which are later overturned because they go against the constitutional requirements.

It’s highly likely that soon there will be major changes at the house on the hill!