List of Best Estates to Live in Nairobi


When you are choosing the best estate to live in Nairobi, you definitely have to select the best out of the 53 estates in the city.

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and has more than 50 estates which accommodate over 5 million people. More than 80 percent of the people who live in these estates were not originally born in the city but have migrated in search of greener pastures.

In the process of searching for houses for accommodation, these individuals consider several factors, which include:

  1. Clean apartments
  2. Plenty of water
  3. Security
  4. Apartment prices
  5. Closeness to Nairobi CBD
  6. Drainage system

It’s quite unfortunate that several estates don’t have constant supply of water,but some landlords have made it possible by having boreholes in their houses.

The most important thing to consider when looking for a house in Nairobi is rental charges.But as you know,we have different financial strengths, I can choose a house of Ksh 15,000 in rent while another person is comfortable with Ksh 150,000 rent…it all depends on your pocket.

We have covered a significant part of the city, conducting research on the best estates to settle in in a bid to help those seeking for good houses in secure estates.

There are some estates we have not listed below because of their history of crime and other challenges like lack of water and poor drainage system.The estates include Kayole,Kibera,Mathare,Dandora and Kariobangi.

The parameters we used to classify estates as the best include availability of water,good drainage system,good road network,and security.

The following are the best estates in Nairobi:

  1. South B—Rent Ksh 30,000
  2. South C—Rent Ksh 30,000
  3. Embakasi—Rent Ksh 12,000
  4. Komarock—Rent Ksh 12,000
  5. Karen—Rent Ksh 150,000
  6. Runda—Rent Ksh 180,000
  7. Nyari—Rent Ksh 150,000
  8. Lovington—Rent Ksh 150,000
  9. Muthaiga—Rent Ksh 200,000
  10. Kileleshwa—Rent Ksh120,000
  11. Langata—Rent Ksh 30,000
  12. Westlands—Rent Ksh 90,000
  13. Kitisuru—-Rent Ksh 120,000
  14. Donholm—Rent Ksh 25,000
  15. Buruburu—Rent Ksh 30,000
  16. Rongai—Rent Ksh 18,000
  17. Ngong—Rent Ksh 13,000
  18. Kahawa Sukari—Rent Ksh 20,000
  19. Kahawa West—Rent Ksh 12,000
  20. Roysambu—Rent Ksh 18,000
  21. Makadara—Rent Ksh 20,000
  22. Hurlingham—Rent Ksh 60,000
  23. Jamhuri—Rent Ksh 18,000
  24. Kilimani—Rent Ksh 70,000
  25. Nyayo Estate—Rent Ksh 50,000
  26. Tassia—Rent Ksh 20,000
  27. Nyari—Rent Ksh 100,000
  28. Kitengela—Rent Ksh 15,000
  29. Roslyn—Rent Ksh 120,000
  30. Gigiri—Rent Ksh 180,000
  31. Imara Daima—Rent Ksh 18,000
  32. Utawala—Rent Ksh 12,000

These are the most comfortable estates to seek for houses to live in case you are new in the city.We however warn that some estates are a no go zone for people earning less than Ksh 150,000.Estates like Kileleshwa,Runda,Muthaiga,Roselyn,Kitisuru,kilimani and Karen are a preserve of the rich, where rental prices range between Ksh 60,000-Ksh300,000 per month.


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