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how to become rich



1. Pursue the Right course in college

So many people choose their destiny while in school during the process of choosing a career.
Before you decide on the right career ask yourself, where is this course taking me?

The best careers are the ones that can enable you employ yourself and decide your destiny. Some courses that can automatically land you in the poverty zone include teaching, and customer care and mathematics.

You can reap big if you pursue these causes and if indeed you have a talent: Medicine, Aviation, Law, Engineering, Computer Science and Finance. Almost all the wealthiest people in the universe come from this category.

2. Choose your friends wisely
The type of friends you have right from elementary school to where you work matter a lot. Some friends may influence you into drugs and lifestyle that is very wasteful and when you open your eyes you realize that your peers have achieved a lot.

Other friends can model your life and influence you into making the right decisions all the time. Choose friends with vision, friends who talk ideas and not alcohol, women, gossip and other things that can cost you.

3. Positive Attitude/determination/time management

Attitude is very important when it comes to success, without positive attitude you will not go far.Once you have started a project never allow anyone or anything to slow you down, convince yourself that you will succeed.For your information, the only difference between a poor man and a rich one is the attitude.

Poor people always see everything in a negative way but rich people always turn negative into positive.
If you have failed in school that is not the end of live, we have seen several school dropouts listed among the wealthiest people on earth.

Also, time management is very essential, plan your time wisely and make each minute count. Who has ever noticed where poverty index is high as early as 7 am you will find people idling in the shopping Center discussing politics,drinking, gambling as well as discussing other people.
The moment you will realize that

4. Invest time in yourself and not others

Have you ever noticed that every rich man has a diary! This document is very essential as it guides him to choose who to attend to and who to avoid. If you cannot bring any positive impact in his life you will not see your name in his diary.

Poor people are the ones who sympathize more with other less fortunate. You find someone who has nothing but he is giving money to brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, grandparents and the entire community; this is the surest way you to invite poverty. Some of these people you are giving money are mature and they can fend for themselves. Avoid them and tell them on the face that they should work hard

5. Personal financial management.
This is one of the major problems most people face especially the working class. Once you receive salary you immediately withdraw some portion and go to entertain friends who will never come near you when you are fired.

Almost everyone who is poor live beyond his means. If you don’t save more than 30 % of your income then be sure to drown into poverty.You should be informed that rent, shopping and other expenses MUST not consume more than 50% of your salary.

One of the major diseases people face is spending before saving; as someone who wants to succeed ensure that you save your money first and you spend what remains.