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How to apply for NHIF, NSSF cards and KRA Pin in Kenya


National Hospital Insurance Card (NHIF) , National Social Security Fund (NSSF) cards and KRA pin are the most important document for salaried Kenyans. Before your Salary is remitted to your bank account, you must present these documents to the Human Resource Departments in your organization.The process of registering for NHIF,NSSF and KRA documents is not hard.

The following is how to register for KRA,NHIF and NSSF documents in Kenya

How to apply for KRA pin
Visit KRA website (http://www.kra.go.ke/)
On the KRA Website click on online services
Then click where it’s written, Click Here to apply for your PIN
You will be directed to another page where you will click where it’s written ‘New PIN Registration
Once you click on the above link it will open another page where you will be required to choose either individual tax payer or non-individual. You are also required to choose the mode of Registration (Online Form, Upload form)
Then you will successfully apply for your pin after filling the online form.

Application for NSSF Card
Registration for NSSF is very easy as it does not require many documents and procedures.

Visit your nearest NSSF office to register.
To register, you need the following documents:
Original and photocopy of National Identity Card, Alien Card or Passport
Once the documents have been presented to the offices you will be registered

You can visit http://www.nssf.or.ke/faqs for more information

Alternatively,you can visit Huduma Center and apply for your NHIF card.Huduma is the most convenient office to visit because the process takes a shorter period compared to NSSF offices.

How to Register for NHIF Card in Kenya
To register for NHIF Card visit the nearest NHIF office

The following documents are required
At least two passport size photos
Original and copy of National Identity Card/Passport

If you have dependents and you wish to cover them in the NHIF scheme, the following documents are required:
Their passports size photos, at least two for each
Their Birth certificates
For a spouse you need the marriage certificate and their passport size photos

Alternatively,you can visit Huduma Center near you to register for NHIF.Huduma is the better option because they are effective and efficient.It takes at most two weeks to receive your NHIF card.