Kenyan Lawyer who wanted to Marry Malia Obama Coverts to Islam

Meet This Kenyan Lawyer Who Wants To Marry Obama's Daughter1
Meet This Kenyan Lawyer Who Wants To Marry Obama’s Daughter1

Felix Kiprono Kiprono Matagei offered Barack Obama 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats to allow him marry his daughter. Though his request has not been granted, the Nairobi University Law graduate has come up with innovative strategies to win the daughter of the most powerful man on earth.

Recently he publicly confessed that his accent could be a hindrance, as a result, he enrolled for English classes so as to improve his accent. As if that is enough, the man from the land of Mursk has decided to convert to Islam.

The message on his Facebook page reads;
“Can`t wait to finish my Tauheed classes…….Have finally found peace of heart and mind in this religion….All Glory to ALLAH!!”

He is indeed trying and since Obama is landing in the country next week, maybe this strategy will work for him.