Mzee Ojwang to be buried at Langata Cemetery


Former Vitimbi actor Mzee Ojwang will be buried today at Langata Cemetery .Preparations are underway to give this great actor last respect.

The comedian died earlier this Month at Kenyatta National Hospital where he had been admitted due to chest pains.
Though he is regarded as a hero, until his death, Benson Wanjau alias Mzee Ojwang was struggling to feed himself due to financial constraints.

The Vitimbi crew came out this year complaining that they have been neglected by the government; they also accused KBC of under paying them.

But reports indicate that KBC used to pay most of these actors good salaries, some of them had a starting monthly (not per project) salary of Ksh 250,000. Ojwang’ was paid Ksh 300,000 from 2005 and the money was UNTAXED.


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