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Pastor Maina Nganga’s Wife (photos)


Pastor James Maina Nganga’s name is in the lips of every Kenyan and it’s highly unlikely that even those who follow him like a cult will forget what he did;Killing an innocent human being is not something God overlooks!

Despite trouble following him whenever he goes,he at least have someone to be proud of,his wife.She is among the few beautiful ladies in Kenya.


Even as every Kenyan throw mud at him,the man has sharp eyes,his wife Murugi Maina is hot and arguably one of the most beautiful women in Kenya.

The wife is spotted dressed elegantly as she prepare to join other Christians at Neno Evangelism Centre for a morning service.



The pastor is now facing the greatest challenge in his live,how he will resolve it is God who knows.The wife has vowed to stand by him at this trying moment and even went ahead to visit him at the cell to offer him moral support and provide him with nice food.


The wife of Neno Evangelism Center owner,Pastor Nganga,filed for divorce in January,2015 after it emerged that Pastor Nganga¬† ‘eats’ every person in skirt.Loise Murugi Maina filed for divorce,demanding over half a million for up keep and undisclosed sum for child support.

The case is still pending in court and soon it will resurface,forcing the pastor to part with what the court will rule.