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Best Car to Buy that Consume low Fuel in Nairobi Kenya


The best cars to own in Kenya are the low fuel consumption vehicles.Those cars consume at most Ksh 1,000 per day of fuel.while that is the case,there are expensive cars that can consume more than Ksh 3,000 of fuel per day.

You need to be cautious when buying a car,especially is you are a new car owner.Knowledge is cheap but ignorance can be expensive.That is why you need sufficient information concerning the best personal car that will provide comfort,pocket friendly and above all,durable.

Cheap cars can be imported from Japan or sourced locally from car bazaar.Nowadays,even websites like Cheki has a collection of cheap cars from various car dealers.Some of the best cars you can own in Kenya include Ford,Toyota,Mazda,Isuzu and Subaru.But cheap cars are often those that consume low fuel and are user friendly in terms of maintenance.Kenyans prefer Toyota brands because their spare parts are easily available.

Owning a car, especially the first one, is every Kenyan’s dream, but before you decide to buy one, you should be prepared to meet the costs that you’ll incur to maintain it and fuel the new machine each time you use it.

If you don’t want to work for the car ,ensure that you go for the vehicle that will not make you break your bank account.

Based on reviews each car get periodically,the following are cars that consume little fuel
• Toyota Vitz
• Toyota Prius
• Toyota Corolla
• Toyota Yaris
• Toyota Camry Hybrid
• Toyota Camry
• Toyota Sienna
• Toyota Camry Solara
• Toyota Avalon
• Toyota Yaris Verso
• Toyota Auris
• Toyota xA
• Toyota Corona
• Toyota WISH
• Toyota Platz
• Toyota Belta
• Toyota Starlet
• Toyota Premio
• Toyota Allion
• Toyota HOAH
• Toyota Caldina
• Toyota Sienta
• Toyota Ractis
• Nissan Altima
• Nissan Quest
• Nissan Primera
• Nissan Almeria
• Nissan Sunny
• Nissan X-Trail
• Nissan NOTE
• Nissan Cedric
• Honda CR-V
• Honda Civic
• Honda Accord Hybrid
• Honda Life
• Honda FR-V

You can see from the list that the Toyota cars dominate the list,followed by Mazda and Nisaan.You will not see cars like Subaru,BMW and Mercedes Benz because they are fuel guzzlers.

I will advise you to first check whether the CC of the car is less than 2,500.The ideal CC is 1,500,which is the best for low fuel consumption cars.

With a 1,500 cc car,you will spend less than Ksh 300 of fuel daily in Nairobi.