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Salaries of Professionals in Kenya


Salaries of professionals in various careers in Kenya vary based on the marketability and the number of professionals in the market.Careers like medicine,engineering and actuarial science are well paying because their services are in great demand while teachers and customer care executives are poorly renumerated because of the high number of professionals desperate for the jobs.

Getting a job in Kenya is extremely hard ,but there are professionals who are lucky to get employment in companies with excellent renumerations. Salary calculations across industries are reviewed periodically to determine the average pay per profession.

According to the latest statistics,professionals in Kenya earn this average salary:

Accountants-Ksh 60,000
Statisticians-Khs 70,000
Sales Executives-Ksh 35,000
Marketing Managers-Ksh 150,000
Lawyers-Ksh 130,000
Civil Engineers-Ksh 185,000
Drivers-Ksh 20,000
Waiters-Ksh 18,000
Teachers-Ksh 25,000
Medical Doctors-145,000
Auditors-Ksh 95,000
Human Resource Officers-Ksh 105,000
CEO/Managing Directors-Ksh 600,000
Police Officers-Ksh 30,000
KDF-Ksh 75,000
TV Anchor-Ksh 145,000
TV Cameraman-Ksh 28,000
MP-Ksh 1,200,000
Senator-Ksh 1,200,000
Governor-Ksh 1,400,000
Data Analyst-Ksh 60,000
CFO-Ksh 450,000
Human Resources Directors-Ksh 400,000
Bank Tellers/Cashiers-Ksh 55,000
Actuary-Ksh 90,000
Nurse-Ksh 40,000
M&E officer-Ksh 100,000
MCA-Ksh 300,000
Electrical Engineer-Ksh 120,000
IT Specialist-Ksh 80,000
Underwriter-Ksh 65,000
Graduate Trainee-Ksh 45,000
Merchandizers-Ksh 15,000
Economist-Ksh 75,000
Pilot-Ksh 350,000
Program Officer-Ksh 90,000
Data Entry Officer-Ksh 20,000
Watchman-Ksh 8,000
Tax analyst-Ksh 120,000

Lecturer-Ksh 90,000

Direct Sales Representatives-Ksh 25,000

Tour Guide-Ksh 25,000

Front Office-Ksh 25,000

Personal Assistat-Ksh 50,000

Customer Care Officer-Ksh 35,000

Accounts Assistant-Ksh 30,000