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Best Way to raise College School fees:Insurance,Bank Loan and Land


Every ambitious human being could want to join college to chase away poverty and stupidity, but sometimes circumstances force others not to realize their dreams due to lack of school fees.

As a caring parent you should be prepared to face a challenge when your child completes high schools; he will college fees which you will not readily have.

The following are wise ways of raising college fees:

1. Insurance Education Policy
This is one of the best ways of raising school fees for your children. Insurance Education Policy allows you to save something little you’re your child, which cannot affect your pocket, and after around 8 years you will realize that you have saved over $10, 000, which is enough to educate your child through college.

You might die or become incapacitated before you see your children through college but if you had insurance policy, it can help settle college school fees.

This policy has helped millions of families worldwide and there are millions of parents who have joined the program.

2. Fixed Deposit Bank Account
There are parents who are big spenders; sometimes they spend all the salary on unnecessary items without saving a penny. If they had a fixed deposit account it could help them develop financial discipline.

A fixed Deposit Account will debit your account according to arrangement you make with your bank and after some years you might be surprised how much you have saved in the account.

3. Fund Raising
Everyone at one time becomes broke. What will you do if you luck fees when your child is in second year in college. As a caring and loving parent, you won’t allow your child to drop out of school; instead you will use all means to get the cash.

Look for well-wishers and friends to help you clear the fees through fund raising. Don’t be embarrassed since your main aim is to see your child through with school.

4. Sell an asset
Education is a very important asset to any human being, be it primary, secondary or college. School makes you think beyond an illiterate person and be more innovative; it can be a source of wealth.

If you realize that you can’t afford college fees and you have assets like land, cattle, a car or any other movable property, ensure you dispose it and take your child to school.