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Arsene Wenger Separates from Wife Annie


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has separated from his wife after living together for more than two decades.

A continental judge gave the two ‘judicial separation’ in June 2015 which allowed them time to think about their decision to part ways before the court makes final judgment.

Wenger’s wife complained of not seeing her husband for a long time but the Arsenal Manager defended himself by arguing that his work as a Manager is so involving that it gives him no time to concentrate on family matters.

“You have guys who leave for work on Monday and come back on Friday,” he said. “In my job I travel, but the problem is not so much the quantity of time you spend with your family, it is the quality. That is where this job is more damaging. You do not always give them the quality they deserve when you are at home because you are thinking of the next game”, Said the manager

The two were granted their divorce request and Wenger was instructed to continue taking his family responsibilities and also share some assets with his wife.

Wenger has 18-year-old daughter who is in college.