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How To Know a Genuine and Fake Job adverts


There are over 10 ways of knowing whether a job advert is genuine or fake.These job scams arise when a conman knows there is a group of people who are desperate for employment. They careful scheme,come up with a job advert which looks genuine and then advertise on popular blogs.

There are millions of jobs that are advertised in various blogs and websites around the world where some of them are genuine and a few are fake. Several people have fallen into the trap of these opportunists with their cunning language, few ending their lives.

This article is aimed at guiding you on how to identify a genuine job and a fake one.

The following are characteristics of a fake job offer:

1. They offer you the job without going through an interview.
Every job offer must be accompanied with a thorough interview. Unless you were previously attached to the or you know someone in the company who recommended you, being grilled for the job is mandatory.

2. They demand processing fees
The conman will state that some small money is required to process a medical cover and some documents necessary for employment. The moment you see such a statement, plan on how to alert others not to bother applying for the job.

3. Their terms are too good to be true, in most cases stated in terms of dollars, Euros or pounds
Since they know your main motivation is the salary they are going to offer, they state tempting salaries and other benefits.

They mention benefits like house allowance, car allowance, commuter allowance, meals allowance, house allowance, two paid holiday trips abroad and many offers which can make a desperate job seeker to part with any amount demanded.

4. Their website does not indicate their physical location, it’s indicated then you must go there and confirm before you make any transactions.
Most of them will indicate non existing physical location, and if you visit there you’ll be shocked beyond words. But majority of them don’t indicate physical location.

5. They advertise Massive Recruitment at once
If you come across job advert with 200 positions which are paying a monthly salary of Sh 500,000($5000), don’t bother applying for that job, it’s fake.

There is no company on earth which can employ so many people and afford to pay them such amount.

6. The job does not have application deadline
These people want to con gullible graduates as long as there is someone willing to pay them. They will, therefore, not indicate the application deadline.