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Worst Paying Jobs in Kenya Today


These are the worst paying jobs in Kenya,teaching included.

1. Merchandisers
Merchandisers are part of the sales team and their work involves promoting products to increase sales.

Their work is very important to any organization but unfortunately they are paid peanuts. The average monthly salary for Merchandisers in Kenya is Ksh 10,000, which cannot feed a family a whole month.

2. Customer Service/Receptionists
Every company has this lady who smiles at each visitor, whether they are in good mood or not.They are normally positioned just after the door.

Receptionists give the first impression for a company but shocking statistics show that they are underpaid. The average monthly salary for a Receptionist/Customer Care Officer in Kenya is Ksh 15,000.

3. Teachers
Civil Servants are among the highest paid Kenyans but their counterparts, teachers, are always out of school due to poor pay.

A teacher makes one a Doctor, a lawyer, a Manager,a Pilot but he remains where his student left him.

Teachers know ATMs end month only, these other days you’ll never see a queue in an ATM in remote areas of Kenya, unless it’s a bonus day for farmers.

The average monthly salary for a Kenyan teacher is Ksh 20,000

4. Nurses
They save lives and work in difficult conditions, but their work is highly unrecognized. A nurse in Kenya works even up to 24 hours in order to ensure that the patient is okay, they are the most disciplined professionals in Kenya.

However, what they are paid will surprise you; the average monthly salary for a Nurse in Kenya is Ksh 18,000.

5. Police Officers
Many Kenyans envy policemen and when Police recruitment is announced someone can commit suicide for missing opportunity to join the force.

The sad thing is that a Police officer earns peanut, in fact the average monthly salary of a Police Officer in Kenya is Ksh 18,000; that’s why most Police men are corrupt.

6. Supermarket attendants
Cashiers, merchandisers and other employees in supermarkets fall under this category. These people work a lot but their salaries are way below what you think.
The average salary of a Cashier in a Kenyan Supermarket is Ksh 20,000 others are even paid less than Ksh 10,000.


They work in pubs and hotels.Their work is very important that if they decide not to report to work the company will close that day.

A waiter in Kenya earns a monthly  average salary of Ksh 10,000.But the only advantage they have over other professionals s that they occasionally get tips from good customers.