Kabando Wa Kabando and Alfred Keter Cause Drama in Parliament


alfred keter
Mukurweini Member Of Parliament Kabando WA Kabando and Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter gave other Members of Parliament extra job on Wednesday when they nearly sent each other to the creator.

It all started when Alfred Keter stood up and spoke 1000 words, narrating how Uhuru fixed Ruto at the ICC.Kabando wa Kabando,who was sitted just behind the outspoken legislature, stood up sweating profusely and started throwing words at Keter.He was overcame by emotions and started physical confrontation.

MPs who were present realized that things were getting out of hand; they were forced to rush and separate the two legislatures. Even after they were separated, they continued hurling insults at each other and cursing the legislatures who separated them.

The Nandi Member of Government has been vocal over Waiguru saga,he has even proposed a motion to impeach Devolution Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru.Though other MPs have told him to slow down, the no nonsense, former student leader, has vowed to soldier on until justice is done to tax payers.