Janet Kanini Diagnosed with Lung Cancer


janet kanini
Celebrated media personality Janet Kanini got a shock of her life last weekend when she was told on her face that she is suffering from lung cancer.

Janet visited local hospitals several times and each time she went for body check-up ,she could be told that her body is okay despite feeling abnormal pain in the most sensitive organs.

She decided to fly to India on Thursday September 10, 2015 for specialized check-up. Upon arrival, she was warmly received by the ever caring medical Nurses in the country. She was later directed to a secluded ward where she underwent thorough scanning.

Moments later, the Doctor broke the news which marked the turning point in her life. She expected something different, not the result the Doctor gave but fate dictated so.

The N-Soko employee broke the news to the public and requested Kenyans to pray for her as she undergoes the most trying moments in her life. She also thanked her husband for unwavering support, particularly for offering moral and financial support.