Names of bloggers Warned by Government against Spreading Hate Speech


The government of Kenya has released names of bloggers and social media users who persistently post hate speech, either on their social media platforms or through their websites.

The statement from the government reads in parts:

“The government of Kenya has noted that a group of bloggers have continued causing disunity on social media. They have always published hate speech and are THEREFORE warned to stop or a stern action will be taken against them”

They include:
1. Joe Mithamo
2. Ireen Tersy
3. Calos Arap Sang
4. Ndara Wa Wanjiku
5. Ginnah Hariet Rey
6. Alekusii Muguthi
7. Muwalker Muwalker
8. Fieldmarshal Newton Mwaura
9. Calvince AHL
10. Kevin Ocharo
11. Fuata Nyuki Wa Kungu
12. Chege Wa Kungu
13. Felix Keyoh
14. Marryann Muthoni


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