Donald Trump is a lose, see how Ben Carson has beaten him


donald trump
It is just a matter of time before the Republican Party declares Ben Carson as their presidential candidate, thanks to the latest opinion poll.

In the latest opinion poll,Ben Carson knocked down Trump for the first time since the two contenders announced their intentions to succeed President Barack Obama. According to the Ney York Time poll, Carson has 26 % support from the republican as compared to Trump’s 22 %.

The latest statistic is exactly the opposite of the previous findings where Carson was trailing Tramp with a 5 % margin.

The poll also revealed that other candidates are nowhere near the two contenders-Carson and Trump, implying that it’s a two horse race.

Though 70 % of the candidates declared that they have not settled on a candidate, Carson is expected to widen the margin as most Americans don’t consider him as an extremist. It will be a blow to Donald Trump, who is desperately seeking to grab the seat.

If it happens that Carson becomes the next President, then he will be the second Kenyan to be the President of America after Obama.