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Inooro TV likely to flop in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley except Mount Kenya Region


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Royal Media Services officially launched Inooro TV on Monday amid cheers from some quarters and employees.

The highly publicized station joins other veteran stations like Njata TV, Kass TV and Baite TV, which have wide coverage and well received by respective audiences.Njata is not even three years old but it has made some strides in the local media industry.Kass TV is followed in rift valley like a cult, the owner must be proud since all the Kalenjin adverts go to this station.

The launch of Inooro TV marks the beginning of an era where competition for viewership of vernacular stations will reach a new high. It’s not a secret anymore that Inooro will beat some but there are several reservations on the new kid on the block.

The moment the word ‘Inooro TV’ was mentioned, everyone thought that it will be a single station which will air in Kikuyu language. Later it was revealed that more than 12 Royal Media Services vernacular stations will be under the name INOORO.

There were mixed reaction on social media, with a number of Kenyans claiming that the choice of the name was in bad taste. Majority argues that a different name could work well for the new station.

With all the sentiments coming from viewers from Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western, it will be hard for Ramogi, Chamge and other local stations to penetrate in targeted population. This will leave stations like Kass TV to thrive as they always do.