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Kenyan tribes whose men cheat a lot in relationships



Cheating is a vice which was condemned even before Adam was born; it has since grown to become a disease.

In Kenya, we often hear women complain of serial cheaters despite putting forth efforts to make their men happy. Frustrations and hopelessness is registered in most women’s hearts due to unfaithful men.

Though in general men are ‘dogs’, not all men cheat, but there are a number who openly cheat on their women and they aren’t remorseful. Below is a list of tribes whose men are very unfaithful.

  1. Kisii
  2. Luo
  3. Luhya
  4. Somali
  5. Maasai

If you get married to any of the men listed above, be ready to face it-they must cheat on you. For instance, Luos know how to treat women but does not prevent them from cheating.Luhya and Maasai are naturally polygamous, which is why they must cheat on you.Kisiis on the other hand are never satisfied with one woman. This tribe is extremely good in bed but they are ‘dogs’