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Why you should not marry a man above 35 years


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We all know old is gold but the saying may not apply to some situations.

Last week, one of my friends broke into tears while explaining her predicaments in the hands of a 44 year old man, who she married 6 months ago.

Stella explained to me that before they got married, she saw heaven with her eyes; little did she know hell was waiting for her.

She tied the knot at Safari Park Hotel; her wedding was actually featured on Citizen TV, and was colorful.

Her story touched me to a point of releasing what I know about 35 plus good for nothing men.

  1. Marrying a 35 years old man is like committing suicide.

This man has seen several women in her life and he is a serial cheater, whether you like it or not he must cheat on you. From my own experience, good men marry at tender age-20-28 years, leaving bad men to explore and chase girls from village to village.

Sure as hell, what would kill you is depression if you make a mistake of marrying a 35 year-old man.

  1. They dominate

This one is not debatable. Any man above 35 years considers himself wise and he won’t allow a woman to give her opinion. He would always make decisions like a judge making a ruling. I know as a woman you also need to be heard but don’t expect this man to take your opinion.

  1. They are abusive

If you marry a man old enough to be your father, be assured of being disciplined again and again. In fact these people will always see you as their daughter, hence entitled to discipline you.

In Kenya, 7 out of 10 domestic violence cases reported originate from men who married at old age.

  1. They are not good in bed

It has been proven that these men are useless in bed. They are so weak that even a cock laughs at them.

All their energy has been spent on girls in the estate; they are now left with what guards the pot.

5.He will always treat you as a gold digger

This man knows that the reason why you accepted him is his pocket.He will therefore always treat you as a gold digger.There is no time you would hear him reveal all his secrets because he knows you can leave him any time.