American President Car, the beast (photos)



President Barrack Obama, uses the beast within and outside America. The limo is one of the most comfortable and arguably the most secure car in the world. Apart from Russian President’s car, no other President in the world uses a car with features close to a beast.

Below are features of Obama’s beast:

The interior of the beast is completely sealed to prevent the occupant from chemical attacks.

The windows are 5 to 6 inches thick, bomb-proof, and can withstand armour-piercing bullets-extra ordinary.

The car has Night-vision cameras, pump-action shotguns, and tear-gas cannons, which ensure the intruder is carefully monitored.

The tires are Kevlar-reinforced, shred and puncture-resistant tires. They are designed in a way that no bullet can penetrate.

The driver is always a CIA agent who is trained on how to handle any criminal or terror threat.

america president car


obama beast

obama car beast



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