Richest Football clubs in the World


manchester united

A list has emerged ranking European clubs in terms on their net worth. English teams dominate the list, followed by Spanish teams.

Despite Manchester United performing dismally in the last three seasons, the club was ranked 5th wealthiest club in the world; Arsenal was 7th.

Real Madrid maintained their position as the wealthiest club in the world followed by Barcelona.Both clubs are from the Spanish league.

Below is a complete list of top 10 wealthiest football clubs in the world

  1. Real Madrid – £2.17billion
  2. Barcelona – £2.1billion
  3. Manchester United – £2.03billion
  4. Bayern Munich – £1.5billion
  5. Manchester City – £910million
  6. Chelsea – £900million
  7. Arsenal – £850million
  8. Liverpool – £646million
  9. Juventus – £550million
  10. AC Milan – £510million