Best Jobs for form four leavers and School Drop Outs in Kenya



Though many jobs being advertised in Kenya are for individuals who have pursued at least a diploma course, there are jobs for form four leavers and school drop outs as well.

Some of the jobs for school drop outs pay even better than those done by degree holders in Kenya. For instance, a Waiter might be a form four leaver, earning Kh15,000 per month but what she receives from customers due to better service is more than her salary. At the end of the day, a waiter might earn more than a Clerk in a Bank.

Being a school dropout is not the end of success. There are many successful people out here who never went to school. What you need to know is how to attract money to your side.

If you are looking for a job and you see a job advertised with the following title, please try your luck even if you don’t have any certificate.

  1. Direct Sales Representative
  2. Insurance Financial Advisors
  3. Security Officer
  4. Front Office and Customer Care
  5. Waiters and hostess
  6. Chef
  7. Messenger or Office Assistant
  8. Motorcycle Riders
  9. Drivers
  10. Cleaners
  11. Real Estate Agent/Care Taker
  12. Shop Attendant
  13. Turnboy
  14. Tour Guide

You only need basic skills to achieve the tasks.



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