AMAZING! This Woman, Mayra Rosales, Lost 400 KG



Losing weight is a huge milestone for anyone who is determined to live health. Well, Mayra Rosales managed to lose over 400kgs in less than 2 years.

Rosales’ unhealthy living coupled with lots of junk food put her in trouble. At the age of 20 she ballooned in size to end up weighing 450kg.

Doctors advised to review her lifestyle or she end up drying in few days. That was when the journey of living health began.

She decided to embark on a strict regime of surgery, dieting and exercise, which finally bore fruits.

The long and arduous journey resulted to a totally different Rosales. Her inability to walk, smile, dance, mingle and even bath came to a dead end.

Below are the photos of her transformation.

mayra rosales

mayra rosales


mayra rosales