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Robert Alai Has Been Arrested.



News just in indicate that blogger Robert Alai has been arrested for writing offensive posts on Facebook targeting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Alai was arrested on Friday morning at his home in Nyayo Estate Embakasi by heavily armed police officers.

Here is the Facebook post that has sent him to jail:

Uhuru You Are A Huge Insult to Our Men and Women in Uniform

Uhuru Kenyatta must not be allowed to gag us from asking the tough questions over the attack of KDF in Somalia. Nobody won their freedom by singing Yes We Can or We Are One. People won their freedoms by taking lessons in kung fu, guerilla warfare, civil disobedience and resisting self censorship. Most of my friends and even enemies in the uniformed formations know how much I value their sacrifice to sevure us. I value that Prison, Police, Army, Forest or Wildlife protection officer. It is a duty which no amount of money can compensate. It is a sacrifice.

When Al-Shabab (with support from ISIS) attacks and kill hundreds of our soldiers in a foreign country, how is it that the President is so comfortable that he goes on to open cattle dips and sneaks out of Mombasa fore disco in Kigali at night and back in the morning? Who excuses this?

Strong countries value the lives of their citizens. There is a gap in the recommended ratio of security officers to civilians in Kenya. That’s why Obama has appeared at the army bases in USA to personally welcome and salute the bodies of the fallen soldiers. This is a duty which cannot be delegated. Uhuru is the commander of the uniformed formations. Why send a clueless cigar smoking socialite like Rachel Omamo to urinate over the bodies of our soldiers? What is Uhuru taking our soldiers for? Rats who can just die because they are meant to die anyway?

Do you remember the image of vultures feeding over the bodies of our police officers in Baragoi? Do you remember the scene at Suguta Valley? Do you know that Uhuru has not visited Garissa since the Garissa Attack? Do you know that an ace (spectacular combat craft pilot) was downed in Somalia and cut to pieces by Al-Shabaab and we have not heard from the government about that?

Do you know that Uhuru was not confident in visiting Westgate after attack and later after re-opening but had to sneak-in in a way that his PR goons called “surprise shopping evening.” In fact, Uhuru bought an APC to be moving around in the country and only ditched it when the public threw the eggs on his face. He looked stupid and bowed in cowardice ditching his most obvious symbol of failure.

The EU and USA have contributed a lot of resources in supporting the AU troops in Somalia. I have seen a report detailing the expenditure of the 865 million Euros from EU. I have seen what they call $1,020 stipend to each troop. I am not convinced by many facets of the report. It’s all PR but it clearly points to a lucrative business in Somalia benefiting only top Jubilee leaders and some military commanders. The junior soldier is getting only “ng’injo.”

Like Hamza Mohamed quips on FB;

“AMISOM spent more than $1 billion dollars in nine years to fight al-Shabaab – a rebel group of not more than 6,000 fighters.

The wage bill alone for their 22,126 foot soldiers stands at a staggering $22.7 million a month. This figure excludes food, fuel, medical costs e.t.c

Yet the Somali president cannot travel by road to Afgoye (30km outside Mogadishu) because of al-Shabaab threat.”

What kind a commander in chief is this? A diaper wearing sissy? I am really tired of this kalongolongo and would not fear calling it so. I am not duty bound to be a PR churning blogger. I demand that President Uhuru highly respects the men and women in uniform, dead or alive. Red mouther socialites must be kept away from the podium where men in uniform are being honoured.

The PAINFUL, BLUNT and UNCOMFORTABLE truth will be told whether it is a song or a needle to Uhuru’s ears.

God bless and protect all our men and women in uniform. Salute!!!