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Shocking Facts About Kisii Men



Kisii men live in Western parts of Kenya where there is plenty of bananas,sugarcane and all kinds of food.

Kisii is a great community, with characteristics both negative and positive.

Perhaps you are wondering, who is a kisii man? Below are characteristics that best describe an ideal Kisii man.

  1. He is extremely rude and violent

A Kisii man can never stomach nonsense from anyone, especially if he is aware you want to intimidate him. He is a man who is ever ready to fight to the bitter end and be declared the winner.

In an argument, a Kisii man would always speak more words than you and when you irritate him he resorts to abuses.

  1. He is ever ambitious with entrepreneurial mind

If you ever want a man who is never tired of seeking for greener pastures then meet a Kisii man.This gentleman will always smell opportunities and grab them.

Kisii men are the only people who can compete with Kikuyu in terms of investments and wealth.Whenever you see a Kikuyu man,you must also find a Kisii man next to him.They are friends in business.

  1. Father figure and good husband

Kisii men love their families and would do everything to protect their wives and children.

No Kisii man would allow his wife to be hurt by anyone, whether he is not in good condition or not.

  1. Good in Bed

No debate here! These people are real tigers and can do the job perfectly.

They compete with the Maasai, Luhya and Somali tribes

  1. Superstitious

Many Kisii men have this irritating character of always believing that someone wants to kill them.

Some of them are constantly in witch doctors’ homes seeking protection against ‘bad people’.

  1. Intelligent

Though we have schools like Nyakemincha, which is an outlier, Kisii men are regarded as very intelligent and extremely gifted.

This is an attribute that always make women accept them as husbands because they know their children will be intelligent.

7.They are never satisfied with one woman

Kisii men are known to be serial cheaters.Even if he is married to beautiful woman,he will still cheat on her.Very few elements are faithful but majority are immoral.

One advantage of these men is that they rarely divorce their wives,unlike Kikuyu men.

8.They are dictators

Kisii men will never give their wives breathing space;they dictate everything.

9.They like short cuts

This is their hobby!A Kisii man will use all means to access services.It doesn’t matter what means he will use as long as he acquires what he is interested in.