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Shocking Facts About Kalenjin Women



I know you have no clue about the characteristics of Kalenjin women. These are ladies who for a long time have been described with all the sweet words and even rewarded for being the best in all aspects.

They are wife materials

The Kalenjin women know how to treat their husbands. Apart from being submissive, they take care of their husbands no matter the circumstances.

These ladies make the best wives.

They are Humble

Kalenjin Women are very humble. In fact, it is hard to identify a successful Kalenjin woman and a failure; they all look the same.

They are very secretive

A Kalenjin woman never reveals secrets no matter the pressure .She know how to keep secrets, especially concerning relationships.

They are poor cooks

Kalenjin women don’t know how to cook, unlike Kikuyu, Kamba, Kisii, Luo and Luhya.This is one area where they fail completely.

Average in Bed

Sources say these women are average in bed, not close to Luo and Kamba.

They are intelligent

If you ever need a woman who can give you intelligent children then rush to Kalenjin land.