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Best Real Estate companies in Kenya



Real estate industry is growing exponentially in Kenya, with apartments coming up in every corner of the country courtesy of ever ambitious real estate firms.

Investing in property is one of the best things to happen to any visionary citizen. It doesn’t matter whether you own a plot, a mansion or an apartment as long as you know you have a place to call home.

If you need a credible company to manage your business or a company to buy property from, the following are real estate firms you should approach.

  1. Villa Care Ltd
  2. Knight Frank Kenya Ltd
  3. Hass Consult Ltd
  4. Myspace Properties Kenya
  5. Ryden International
  6. Azizi Realtors
  7. Lamudi Kenya
  8. C B Richard Ellis Ltd
  9. Ace Realtor Limited
  10. Coast Values Kenya
  11. Ebony Estates Limited
  12. Cornerstone Real Estate Ltd
  13. Suraya Property Group Ltd
  14. Top Image Africa Ltd
  15. Tysons Ltd
  16. Metrocosmo Limited
  17. Housing Finance
  18. National Housing Corporation