Home ENTERTAINMENT Prezzo ends popular Tanzanian Musician’s marriage

Prezzo ends popular Tanzanian Musician’s marriage



Tanzanian singer Dayna Nyange is yet to recover from heartbreak after being dumped by her jealous boyfriend and father of her child.

Dayna laments that after posing for a photo with the king of rap, Prezzo, alongside celebrated Tanzanian artiste AY, her jealous husband unapologetically dumped her.

“As a result of posing for that picture, my lover thought that I was secretly seeing either AY or Prezzo. He warned me against taking any other photo alongside artistes. He also asked me to quit music,” said Dayna.

“Music is an art I love very much. When I saw that his jealousy was getting out of hand, I was forced to walk out of the relationship. I continued pursuing music and since then I have never dated again.”

CMB Prezzo is also accused of breaking Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo’s marriage,something that he’s not denied.