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Woman’s bµtt explodes during sσx (photo)



A 19-year-old young man, Sean Williams, has busted the b#ttocks of his 26-year-old older lover, Tamela Martin, during s#x.

Radar Online reports that Tamela was reported to have called 911 after Sean made her butts to explode while they were having s#x dΩggy style. Recounting the experience, she said:

“We were doing it and then he flipped me over and began to tear it up from the back. Asked him several times to be gentle, then I began to beg him to stop. That’s when he started going harder. I felt pressure building up in my bΩΩty and it felt like my bΩΩty was tripling in size, I felt the skin stretching. It was a pain I never experienced.”

Tamela was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital after 911 got to the scene of the accident. Williams is however being charged with assault as they claim he ignored her pleas to stop during s#x and is therefore culpable.

Officer Doug Davis of DeKalb County Police Department said:

“Even though she knew the risks, Sean Williams was still arrested because he was asked to stop and he disregarded the victim’s request. This has got to be the strangest assault case I’ve encountered.”

Sean Williams has been charged with one count of S#xual Assault and one count of Aggravated Assault. Tamela Martin is still in the hospital and is expected to recover.