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Kenyan Tribes Whose Women are Good in Bed



There is nothing disappointing to a man when you realize that your woman is boring in bed. Though there are several tribes in Kenya whose women are horrible in bed, there are some 5 tribes that set the record in bed.

 Luo Women

Luo women have cut a niche for themselves. These women are the undisputed queens of bedroom matters. Once you have a Luo woman, even for 30 minutes, you will never desire to have another tribe.

But one disappointing thing about the tribe is that even if you satisfy her today, she will steal cheat tomorrow.

Luo women scream a lot during the act-even the neighbor will notice something is happening.

Kamba Women

We all agree that more than 50 % of Kamba women cheat even in marriage. The main reason why they cheat is that their men are weak in bed.

A Kamba lady has so much fat in her body (tell me if you have ever met a skinny Kamba lady unless she is emaciated) which makes demand a man day in day out. It is rare for a Kamba lady to stay for a week without asking for it.If the husband is not around, she will get it elsewhere.

Kamba women know all the styles and they will always make the man happy, even make him empty his pocket even without being asked for money.

Luhya women

Just like Luo women, Luhya women are very good in bed. You can experiment if you wish.

Taita Women

Taita women are not only beautiful, but also extremely sweet. If she gives you once, you will come begging again.

Shockingly,Kisii,Maasai and Kikuyu are not in the list.