This is What Betty Kyalo Told Okari When They Met Yesterday



For the past one month, social media has been showered with fresh content on Betty and Okari’s divorce, with no one caring much about their emotional feeling. We have good news for you; the couple is ready to reconcile!

Yesterday evening, Betty met Okari at a popular restaurant in Westlands after making several calls for reconciliation. After the meeting, Betty who has never smiled for the past one week, told her friends that they have ironed out their differences and are ready to sleep in the same roof.Okari, however, did not respond to the matter.

The main reason why Betty is keen to reconciling with her short-term husband is to save her career as well as avoid getting her kid into unnecessary family squabbles. She also wants to ensure no one blames her for the divorce.

Betty took a one month leave from KTN to concentrate on her marital issues after she could not handle social media heat. She is, however, expected to resume duty next week.