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Shocking Facts About Kenyan Women



Theories have emerged describing Kenyan women with all manner of sweet words, but there are some shocking facts we’d like the world to know.

Several women will crucify me after reading this but truth hurts anyway. This is what I have observed about Kenyan women.

They will only say “I Love You” when they need a favour

You will never hear a Kenyan woman telling her boyfriend ‘I love you’ until the time when he buys her a car, a plot or gives her huge sums of money. This statement comes only when the man has made her happy.


If there are women who from time to time threaten the existence of men then count in Kenyan women. These women know that what a man can do they can do it too.

From education to investments Kenyan women are doing very well, making men to look like puppets.

In some communities women are doing better than men in all aspects of life, thanks to women empowerment.


Kenyan women are very jealous. Unlike those days when a man could date more than 10 girls, nowadays our women won’t tolerate such habit-they will dump you.

They copy everything-not original

Kenyan women are not original. I have always wondered what entered them to the extent of bleaching their skin, having fake nails, fake hair, fake eyebrows, fake lips, fake b@@bs,fake hips.Today, Kenyan women are the largest consumers of Indian hair. Furthermore the hair belongs to grannies.

Average in bed

If you want someone who cannot satisfy you in bed, date a Kenyan woman. What only motivates a Kenyan woman is money. They moment he knows there is money in her purse-of course from a man-she will give you all styles you want. If there is nothing at home, she will even spit at you.

30 % are beautiful

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I tend to disagree. Even the beholder knows that some Kenyan women aren’t beautiful.

Research shows that only 30 % of Kenyans are beautiful, the rest should go to a museum to attract tourists.

Very Educated and Informed

There are as many educated Kenyan women as men. To make it more interesting Kenyan women are more informed than their men in almost all aspects of life.

Unlike 2 decades ago when Kenyan women were scarce in offices, nowadays every office has as many women as men.

They love foreign husband-especially whites

Kenyan women,in fact all of them, would love to be married to a Nigerian or a white man.This is a disease that has spread faster than we thought.

Even If a mzungu is a chokoraa, she will fall for him.

Good cooks

This is where they score. Kenyan women know how to cook-period.