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Shocking Facts About Kenyan University Girls



Universities in Kenya are growing in length and width but what is shocking is how slim morals have become especially when you mention university ladies.Venas News conducted research to unearth the exact picture of a Kenyan University girl and the shocking results are as follows.

They are intelligent

When it comes to Intelligent Quotient Kenyan girls are tops. Nowadays they compete, even beat, boys in all aspects of life, making Kenyan men endangered species.

It is not a big issue when you find university girls dominating in a Physics, Mathematics and computer science classes while men troop to arts courses.

They are generous

Most of them are cheap, cheaper than those you get at Koinange.In fact it takes at most 2 minutes to win a strange university girl when you are driving a big toy, you have a fat wallet and you can buy her a smartphone. They don’t care whether the car you are driving was borrowed or not as long as they are seen in it.

They fear pregnancy more than AIDS

Even if a man does not use protection as long as he buys them P2, the girl is home and satisfied. University girls are the most dangerous people when it comes to spreading AIDS. Ask one powerful former Kenyan minister how he got HIV!

To them life is perfect

Nothing stresses them except university exams. These girls know that everything that revolves around them is perfect. All they know is that after school they will get nice jobs that pay not less than 100k. Their clothes are more expensive than what their parents wear, they own expensive smartphones, expensive shoes, expensive weave and eat expensive meals…courtesy of their “sponsors”.

They don’t make good wives..until they test life after college.

If you are looking for a perfect wife, for heaven’s sake, don’t rush to any university for one. These girls are full of life, adventure is what they love. And you know, a man who is ready to settle requires someone who can settle and mind about investment..sio starehe.

If you want to die of heart attack, rush to marry a hot Kenyan university girl.

They are good in bed.

The movies they watch never go down invain.These girls have experience and can make any man break his bank account to have a piece of her.

If you are married and you decide to wander abit,a university girl can make you leave your wife.