These are the dirty Jobs Kenyans Living in America and UK are Doing-They are suffering


Dirty jobs Kenyans do in USA

Kenyans living in America (USA) are a suffering lot but when they come with few dollars we treat them like kings and queens, simply because they are from abroad. These are people who are going through a lot, their untold suffering can force tears down your cheeks if narrated.

Most Kenyans who are living in America, in fact 90 % went as visitors, others though green cards while the rest sneaked through dubious means. Majority of them are semi-iliterate, meaning that they didn’t pursue education past high school. Since you can’t expect blood from a guava, these people are offered dirty jobs to do for the whites.

Below are dirty jobs done by Kenyans in /America

Cleaning old men and women

Old men and women in America don’t live with their children. The moment they become old, unable to care for themselves and out of memory they are taken to a special home. Since the Americans can’t do the job of cleaning them Africans are employed to clean them, dress them as well as feed them. This work is hectic and it needs someone with guts.

Majority of the Africans, especially school dropouts are doing this job.

Collecting garbage

In Kenya, the work of collecting garbage belongs to the lowest class in Kibera but in America, those Kenyans who brag to us are doing the job. They not only collect garbage but also the sewage.

Truck drivers

Most Kenyans in America are employed as truck drivers. This is the type of job whites don’t like and since Kenyans are desperate to earn $15 per hour they scramble for this job.

Construction sites

Whites are the bosses, they don’t mix ballast and cement, neither do they lift construction blocks-this work is reserved for Kenyans.


Many Kenyans work as nurses, but most of them are unregistered nurses.

This work is involving though paying. The reason why so many Kenyans work here is because many Americans don’t like working where dirt dominates.


Since being a messenger needs no skills, the semi-illiterate Kenyans find themselves here.

Feeding pets and dogs

The Americans love dogs and they feed them like human beings. Several Americans have employed Kenyans to feed their dogs.

House girls/houseboys

A whole man who left a job in Kenya as a teacher is employed as a houseboy in America.

Morgue Attendants

Though the work is scary,many Kenyans do the work because they have no choice.

It is hard to find a Kenya in class teaching, in courts representing clients, in banks as bank managers or in universities as lecturers. They are pushed to the hardest and lowest paying jobs. But when they visit Kenya, we treat them like kings. In fact, several have told me that they sometimes go hungry so that they can save to invest in Kenya, they fear embarrassment.

Many Kenyan in USA are suffering in silent, no wonder majority have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, ulcers and related ailments. Majority work for 23 hours yet at the end of the month they earn the same as Kenyans who work 8 hours and enjoy more freedom.