The BODY Warmer Jacket (jacko ya joto)


In 2015, Pneumonia, Malaria, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Anaemia, Heart Disease, Road Accidents and Meningitis in that order were the biggest killers in Kenya. In 2015, Pneumonia alone was responsible for 20% of all deaths in Kenya, meaning that out of every FIVE Kenyans who died in 2015, ONE of them died courtesy of PNEUMONIA!

body warmerThe Body Warmer is Celsius Loop flagship range of products, whose viability is reflected in their mix of simplicity, adaptability, affordability and durability.

The Body Warmer is an electric leather jacket that is powered by either a motorcycle battery or just a conventional high capacity power bank. It can also be powered using various USB ports from laptops and other devices.

It employs cutting-edge technology that makes it very flexible, energy-efficient, and very safe to use. It is so safe to use that you can still use it even when submersed in water, with no risk of electric shock!

This is the first time that such technology is being implemented in the continent, and it is all being manufactured right here in Kenya, offering local solutions to local challenges.

The Body Warmer is retailing at an amazingly competitive price of Ksh 4,999 and is available online at techsoko, almost a quarter of the average prices in the international market for similar products of same quality.


  • The jacket uses 12V DC
  • Made if high quality synthetic leather
  • Rain resistant
  • Has reflector strips